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The Four Pillars of Wellness

Changing 4 better
When it comes to wellness, nothing is more important than our health. High blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and Diabetes are just some of the top health concerns that seem to be on the rise. Learn what you can do to reduce risk and make healthy changes.
Our mission is a total wellness concept that can make a huge impact in many areas of your life. We provide the education to make important changes that can improve the wellness of you and your family.
The Average American uses about 25 gallons of toxic, hazardous chemical products per year in their home... A major portion of these can be found in household cleaning products and can end up in our streams, LAKES, and even in the air we breathe.
We offer work-at-home solutions that enable you to positively change your financial situation, regardless of your education or work experience. You choose your hours and the best part is there’s no selling, stocking, or inventory. You can even get started today by requesting more information

Our Products

We define value as the perfect combination of science, ingredients, performance and price.

Special Dietary Needs

Products specially formulated with no soy, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten, non-GMO and kosher. Finest ingredients that are delicious & healthy!

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Cutting-edge of science & the best of nature combined to give you the best vitamins, weight loss & sports nutrition. Premium coffees, teas & specialty drinks.

Safer Households

Home fragrances, environmentally safer for your household, dish & laundry cleaners. All significantly less than retail brands.

Beauty, Bath & Body

Clinically-proven, innovative anti-aging skin care, safe cosmetics, salon-quality hair care, dental & hygiene products.

Essential Oils

Purity tested. Quality guaranteed. Incredible value compared to competition!

Medicine Cabinet

Clinically-proven skin lotion therapy. Economical first-aid, sun care, acne treatment, pain & heartburn relief, cold & sinus, natural-insect repellent.

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Brian & Janice

We've been together since 1977, which is long enough to have experienced many typical hurdles that get tossed around in life, some good and some bad.  

We both have a corporate background and know very well what that lifestyle presents, namely, no time to live life.  

In the struggles of trying to pursue our long held dream, both of us reached a point where the companies we worked for made the decision that hiring someone new would save them money because we were getting paid too much. Our services were considered redundant. The result? Welcome to the unemployed club.


Fast forward in time:  

We often thought about being self-employed because we wanted to have the flexibility of working part-time hours so that we could focus on what we felt was most important, specifically, sharing in volunteer work of helping others. We tried a number of money making business opportunities, including Multi-Level Marketing, but they did not work out. We also noticed how they always offered overpriced products or services and required a large investment. The entire experience left a sour taste in our mouth and thousands of dollars lost.

There were so many MLM companies going around that claimed to fill this niche, but we wanted NOTHING to do with the MLM business model. Having a passion for health and wellness, we focused our attention on a concept of helping others by means of a unique business of educating others about health and wellness.

A friend of ours knew what we were into and how we cared about our health, others and our environment. She was thus moved to introduce us to something that was not MLM, but would compliment what we already did.

We LOVED the idea of not having to buy and sell inventory because it meant no risk. There was no taking orders, no invoicing, no collecting money, no making deliveries and dealing with returns, etc...  If we personally wanted to purchase anything, we were not forced to do so, but we happily did because we simply switched stores and continue buying what we previously did. The only difference is that a store of better, safer, and less costly products was opened to us.

The concept is so simple. EVERYONE needs this. From a shopping perspective, we all shop for day to day consumables and are already someone's customer. Why not shop for the same type of products but from a different exclusive shopping portal? It only makes sense. Although not mandatory, we were also interested in what the business side of this was all about. Considering there is no financial risks, that too only made sense.

The Business Opportunity:

For over 35 years, high quality, environmentally safe products, sold at reasonable prices, have catapulted sales to the point of exceeding 71,000 online orders per day. 

The more than 500 consumable products available include: Essential Oils, Bath and Body products, Eco Friendly cleaning products ( that actually work ), patented Nutritional Supplements, Luxury Skin Care and Cosmetics, food items, and much more.  By eliminating the costs of distribution, marketing, retail space and advertising, the savings can be passed onto the customer for higher quality products, which in turn creates customer loyalty.  In fact, over 96% of those who shop this month will shop again next month! THAT is what is attracting business minded people. A Residual Income can only be based on returning customers. When over 80% of those who shop every month are those who have no interest in the business, the very foundation of those sales generate a true residual income. These are real people buying products because they WANT to and have no income benefit for doing so. This is a goldmine for those looking at a true business opportunity. 

The business itself is for anyone from those with experience to those with none because it includes a free duplicable system designed for success. We are so glad we made the choice to plug into that opportunity.

That was many years ago and we have have had the privilege of helping so many people enhance their lives from either a consumer perspective, a business perspective, or both, all without interfering with what they were doing secularly.


History of Success:

Since its inception decades ago, the simple concept has created one of the fastest-growing businesses in America, with annual sales in the BILLIONS in little more than two decades.

Each year in mid-October, Inc. magazine releases its INC. 500 issue, which lists the fastest growing privately held U.S. companies. Being listed in Inc. 500 magazine for an incredible five times, including the honor of the prestigious Inc. 500 Hall of Fame is a feat that no other company has achieved!

Only 65 companies in history have been inducted into the Hall of Fame and only a few companies on the list that have maintained an "A" profit rating each year, indicating a healthy, growing and vibrant organization.

The amazing growth and success over the past 3 decades can only be attributed to the outstanding and unique product line that every day people need and are willing to purchase day in and day out.

Whether a person chooses to Shop as a customer only, or be part of the over $6 billion dollars paid to families who Shop and Refer, there is no risk because of an incredible no questions asked, 90 day, empty package, 100% money back guarantee.  

There is even between $100 - $120 handed over to new customers just for trying out the store!

With the 100% refund guarantee and other freebees, the worse that can happen is having 3 months of free products that one was going to spend money on anyways. There is absolutely nothing to lose. 

Is this for you? The only way to know is to allow yourself the opportunity to find out. That can be accomplished in less than 1 hour via a one on one Company/Business Overview. At that point you will have all the information needed in order to make an informed decision.

We believe this to be a really great business opportunity and we promise to hold your hand every step of the way to ensure your success.

 Please contact us for details.


 Janice & Brian Harris

 647-899-5546 (Toronto Line)

 800-485-7913 (Toll Free)

Brian & Janice - Global Group



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People who have made the change

Kerry B
Kerry B.

In 2010, my wife and I met her surgeon regarding Kathy’s fibromyalgia and lupus that she had been suffering with for years. We had been to Dr.’s, naturopaths, chiropractors, friends with juices, etc. The surgeon told us that we needed to get all of the toxic chemicals out of our home immediately, reduce stress, and find some supplements that would actually absorb to help her. I had to ask him what he meant by toxic chemicals. He told us to look at the labels on our cleaning supplies, makeup, dental products, personal care items, and other things we bought on a regular basis at our local stores. Shortly afterwards we were introduced to this company, and we will forever be customers with this company because of the great health we are both able to have. If we go to the local stores to shop for other things, we avoid the cleaning aisles as our noses have become sensitive to the chemical smells that are found there. We don’t have to worry about our grandkids being in our home and getting into cupboards anymore. We love this company and how our lives have changed forever!

Tammy G.
Tammy G.

Our family just came back from a cruise to celebrate my daughter graduating high school. Before I started building a business, I would have had to charge the vacation to my credit card and try to figure out a way to pay it off later. But this time I paid for it with cash. When we got to Cozumel, the kids wanted to go swim with dolphins. Normally I would have been like, ‘Oh no, that’s too expensive. Let’s just go walk around.’ But this time I said, ‘Yeah, we could do that. Let’s go swim with dolphins!’ For my family to be able to do that and feel confident—that’s huge. We don’t have to worry about finances so much anymore.

Carrie O
Carrie O.

Oxygen tanks, feeding tubes, nebulizers, heart monitors, and more... That is not what any parent wants to have with their newborn child. But that’s what we had. While searching for a way out of all of that, a friend taught me why I should become an educated consumer on the products I put in my home. Once I did, I knew I had to make a change – immediately. After 2 months of removing the toxic products that contained caustic chemicals from my home & replacing them with green, natural-based products, we started noticing small changes with our daughter. Her eyes started to follow us & her skin was no longer red & sore. By the time she was 3, she no longer needed a nebulizer, breathing treatments or special care. I owe all of this to choosing to listen to my friend and become an educated consumer.


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