Growing Evidence Of The Need For Vitamin D

Many, if not most of us, are aware that vitamin D is necessary for proper absorption of calcium. Recent studies, however, indicate that our needs for vitamin D may go far beyond what traditional thinking has allowed.

We derive vitamin D from the foods we eat and from the sun. Unless we don’t. There are several large-scale trials that are currently in progress. They could provide evidence that vitamin D deficiencies are more prevalent than we ever could have predicted.

There is also evidence that vitamin D deficiencies can cause or magnify a broad and ugly panorama of diseases that were previously unsuspected. Supplementation with vitamin D can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases that are associated with inflammation.

Surprisingly, in addition to those infirmities listed above, vitamin D deficiencies can be linked to diabetes, lupus, preterm birth, IBD hair loss and even depression. This article from HEALTH” describes a wide horizon of risk. It is astounding the number of potential effects that a deficiency in vitamin D may proliferate. Reducing exposure to the sun to reduce skin cancer risks and the modern diet make it almost impossible to assure enough vitamin D is being absorbed to provide physical, mental and brain health, so supplementation should be considered.

The quality of those supplements makes a huge difference, so before you choose make sure you do your homework. Absorption is a key consideration and the vitamin and mineral supplements I use are exponentially superior. If you suffer from any of the risks or maladies mentioned here, don’t assume be sure.


Martha Robards

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